On Solid Ground: The Advantages Of Choosing A Hard Floor Camper For Winter Excursions

Posted on: 19 December 2017

Camper trailers are tremendously versatile, and few portable accommodation options provide you with such maneuverability, comfort and ease of towing at such affordable prices. However, not every camper trailer is suited to every kind of vacation or getaway, and you should choose your new camper particularly carefully if you are fond of holidaying during the cooler, wetter months.

Winter camping enthusiasts have to be particularly careful about the type of flooring their new camper trailer comes with. While campers fitted with soft, groundsheet-like flooring tend to be somewhat cheaper and lighter, hard floor campers are far more desirable for winter holidaymakers, and choosing a hard floor for your winter excursions offers a number of attractive advantages:

Excellent for soft ground

The chief advantage of hard floor camper trailers is the excellent stability and sure footing they provide on softer ground. As you can imagine, this makes hard floor campers particularly desirable for winter holidaying, and the robust, solid floor of a hard floor camper can be laid over damp, rain-sodden earth without sinking or becoming uneven under footfalls. Many hard floor campers have elevated floors, which are especially useful for use on softer earths.

While this property is particularly useful to the wild camper who eschews campgrounds and organised camping sites, it is just as useful to the less adventurous campers who prefer to use them. Choosing a hard floor camper means you don't have to pay extra for a hard-standing asphalt or gravel pitch, which can be particularly expensive to hire during the winter months when they are at their most desirable.

Good heat insulation

Keeping the interior of your camper trailer can be challenging during the cooler months, but choosing a hard floor camper can make maintaining a comfortable temperature much easier. The thick, highly insulated floor of a hard floor camper does not allow nearly as much heat to escape into the ground as a soft floor would. If you choose an elevated hard floor camper, the solid floor will also prevent cold draughts from blowing underneath your trailer and into your living space.

Easy to set up

Unlike soft floors, which need to be unpacked, unrolled and pegged in place, the floor of a hard floor camper simply unfolds and locks into place, creating a solid, contiguous floor in a matter of minutes. As you can imagine, this quick and easy setup can be a godsend if you are forced to set up your camper in foul winter weather.


Even if your soft floor camper does provide adequate protection against wind, rain and the cold, a hole accidentally punched in the floor by a table leg or sharp object will instantly and dramatically undermine the protection it provides, as well as letting in cold, comfortable draughts. A hard floor is much more sturdy, and can be relied upon to provide solid protection against the elements even if it takes a beating.

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