How to Select the Best Camping Tent

Posted on: 25 April 2018

Are you planning to buy some camping equipment? Read on and discover some of the key features which you should consider when you are selecting a camping tent from the huge number of options available on the market. The Size Don't be tempted to buy a camping tent based on the number which is stated as the capacity of that tent. Such a number usually portrays the maximum number of people who can crowd into the tent. [Read More]

On Solid Ground: The Advantages Of Choosing A Hard Floor Camper For Winter Excursions

Posted on: 19 December 2017

Camper trailers are tremendously versatile, and few portable accommodation options provide you with such maneuverability, comfort and ease of towing at such affordable prices. However, not every camper trailer is suited to every kind of vacation or getaway, and you should choose your new camper particularly carefully if you are fond of holidaying during the cooler, wetter months. Winter camping enthusiasts have to be particularly careful about the type of flooring their new camper trailer comes with. [Read More]